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11th-Dec-2010 12:45 pm - RP Ideas
6xD, otp
• Certain characters are thrown into a steampunk world.
• Start out in a steampunk world. (Similar backstories?)
• Characters are on quest(s).
• Mesh with Letter Game.
20th-Mar-2010 05:00 pm - Possible RP Plot
gundam wing
Okay, here is my idea/reckoning of what's going on: a mixture of other ideas with fic ideas.

Read more...Collapse )

Um, that's about it. If anything needs clarification, let me know.

Edit: I can also generate a town map if needed for any town; just give me specifics (will let you know what those are if anyone wants to know). I have a nifty neat generator thingie.
11th-Mar-2010 07:15 pm - Remember Me?
notes, muse
Hello! Anyone remember me? Here is my tentative dip back into LJ. I don't want to make any promises because I may forget that I'm back. LOL

Anyway, I may post snippets and tiny fics and ramblings. I definitely need to go through my flist and get rid of people who don't exist anymore and who've defriended me from years of my absence as well as clean up the comms I'm part of. ^_^ If you forgot you were friends with me and want to defriend me, feel free; I won't begrudge you.

A lot has happened. When did I leave? Had I graduated from KSU yet? I don't recall, but a lot has happened, naturally. Graduation with BS, certificate at tech school, now in grad school, first crush ever, friends marrying off left and right, and much, much more! What about with you?

Anyone miss me?
7th-Sep-2009 11:22 pm - AU Gundam Wing RP
gundam wing

In the year After Colony 195, an act of terrorism known covertly as Operation Meteor never happened. Trowa Barton, son of Dekim Barton, aide to the late Heero Yuy, discovered the change in plans that Doktor S (and, separately, the other Gundam scientists) had in mind. When Trowa Barton protested these plans, Doktor S's assistant shot the man, but Trowa did not die. He lived to tell his father, Dekim, of the proposed changes. Dekim Barton then delayed the mission in order to attempt to get the mad scientists to implement the original plan. Thus, Operation Meteor would not happen until AC 200, on the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the politician Heero Yuy.

The year is After Colony 200. Shooting stars are landing on Earth.

Princess Playground is an AU Gundam Wing RP in which Operation Meteor happens in AC 200 instead of AC 195. What will be different now that the characters are five years older?

~ Premise ~ Apply Here ~ Open Characters ~ Ask Questions ~

Taken Characters:
* Heero Yuy
* Zechs Merquise
* Treize Khushrenada
* Dorothy Catalonia
22nd-Jun-2006 01:45 am - Fate of the Colonies
Title: Fate of the Colonies
Rating: G/K/A
Characters: Heero Yuy, Mr. Winner, Quatre
Word Count: 500
Summary: What if Lowe's shot didn't kill Yuy? Written for the "What if...?" challenge (prompt colony) on gw500.
Disclaimer: Standard

Governing the colonies was getting harderCollapse )
5th-Oct-2005 05:30 pm - FanFic Catalogue
notes, muse
Here's a link to all my fics on this journal. Fics surrounded by "-" mean they open in this window from this journal. Fics surrounded by "~" mean they open in a new window on my other fic journals.

Gundam Wing
By Characters By Characters By Pairing By Friendship
Heero Treize Heero x Relena Duo + Hilde
Duo Zechs/Milliardo Duo x Hilde Duo + Quatre
Trowa Une Trowa x Midii Relena + Dorothy
Quatre Noin Trowa x Relena
Wufei Mariemaia Quatre x Dorothy
Relena Sylvia Zechs x Une
Hilde Duke Dermail Zechs x Dorothy
Catherine Bartons Treize x Relena
Dorothy Midii
Sally Miscellaneous Characters

Star Wars
- An Accidental Kiss -
- I'll Be Home For Christmas -

Law & Order
- Ready To Go -

Harry Potter
- Ache -
- How Does It Feel -
- Dumbledore's Tales -

The following are large fics in series with each other, a continuation of Gundam Wing.
- Restless Peace -
- Untold Stories -
- The Summer Chronicles -

Here are challenges I have posed.
Challenge: Quotes
My Yearly Christmas Challenge
Operation: One More
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Standard Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Law & Order, or The Pellinor Series. This fan fiction has no commercial value, and I am not making any kind of profit or income off of this story or the use of characters owned by Sunrise and Bandai, George Lucas (et al), JK Rowling, Dick Wolf (et al), or Alison Croggon.

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