Arabian Princess (woodlandelf) wrote,
Arabian Princess

Remember Me?

Hello! Anyone remember me? Here is my tentative dip back into LJ. I don't want to make any promises because I may forget that I'm back. LOL

Anyway, I may post snippets and tiny fics and ramblings. I definitely need to go through my flist and get rid of people who don't exist anymore and who've defriended me from years of my absence as well as clean up the comms I'm part of. ^_^ If you forgot you were friends with me and want to defriend me, feel free; I won't begrudge you.

A lot has happened. When did I leave? Had I graduated from KSU yet? I don't recall, but a lot has happened, naturally. Graduation with BS, certificate at tech school, now in grad school, first crush ever, friends marrying off left and right, and much, much more! What about with you?

Anyone miss me?
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